The Co-op

About the Mother's Milk Cooperative

On Mother’s Day of 2013, Mother's Milk Cooperative (MMC) was founded. It is the one and ONLY Cooperative donor milk bank. Like all cooperatives, the MMC is motivated not by profit, but by service to meet member needs. For the MMC, that means helping moms and babies by providing high quality donor milk and a safe, empowering avenue for milk donation. The MMC has partnered with ethical companies to complete reliable and high quality donor screening and donor milk processing. MMC’s founders started a Cooperative because they believe that mothers should shape the future of milk banking.  The MMC is a member of the National Cooperative Business Association.

Being a Donor-Member 

If you have donated breast milk to our Coop within the last 4 years, you are a member of the MMC. Donor members have a vote on co-op matters, eligibility for board seat nomination, one share of stock, and the opportunity to receive an annual dividend payment, during profitable years, based on their involvement in the Coop that year.

Our Programs – Milk Money and Pay It Forward

The MMC offers two donation programs: Milk Money and Pay It Forward.  Milk Money  allows moms to stay home a bit longer with their babies, support the added expenses of a growing family, or even save for a family vacation. Pay It Forward further improves the accessibility of donor milk even to families with extreme financial hardship. 

If you want to be a part of our Cooperative milk bank, APPLY today!