The History of Milk Banking

What is "milk banking"? 

frozenmilk.jpgWhile it may seem like a "new" idea, it's actually been around a while, and paying women for their breast milk donations was considered a normal and expected part of compensating a mother to "part" with her precious breast milk! The benefits of donor milk were acknowledged back then and continue to be held in high respect in the medical community, and increasingly in the general population.

It wasn't until around the 1970s when breast milk donation began to be considered a "gift". Milk sellers were still considered "donors" and continued to receive payment of 10 cents per ounce steadily for thirty years from one prominent milk bank (Pineau).

Sure, not every woman could produce enough milk to qualify as a milk donor, but the ones who did were often more than generous enough in their excess milk to provide for many recipient babies. And the pressing need for donor milk was always a demand that far exceeded supply, making such able donors even more valuable.

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