Announcing the "Best of the Breast"!

2014 "Best of the Breast" Awards presented by Mother's Milk Cooperative!

At Mother's Milk Cooperative, we support breastfeeding and pumping moms and would like to recognize those who have helped make breastfeeding a success for our members! We are excited to announce our First Annual MMC “Best of the Breast” Breastfeeding Support Award Winners, chosen by our Mother's Milk Cooperative breast milk donors. We'd like to celebrate the organizations, individuals, and products which have helped women achieve their breastfeeding and pumping goals!


And the award goes to...

The following winners have fostered a positive breastfeeding and pumping experience to members of our organization, and their support has enabled women to achieve their breastfeeding goals and more! All of us here at Mother's Milk Cooperative thank you so much for your efforts serving our breastfeeding community!

Best Breastfeeding Support, Individual:

Laurie Jones, MD IBCLC, aka Dr. Milk

"She created a Physician only breastfeeding group (including Facebook page). As a Family Medicine resident, with a super busy schedule, she was the reason for my success!"-MMC Member Cristine

Best Breastfeeding-Friendly Group: 

St. Joseph's Hospital, Phoenix AZ 


Best Breastfeeding Product: 

My Brest Friend Nursing pillow  


Milkies Milk-savers


Simple Wishes Hands Free pumping bra

"Product is Pumpin Pal super shields, followed by Simple Wishes signature hands free pumping bra. Both have made a year of pumping exclusively for my twins possible."-MMC Member Beck 

Pumpin' Pal Flanges


"I will start a riot if this award goes to anything but Pumpin Pals flanges. They are the single greatest baby-related product I have purchased in the last three years. I would not have pumped for 7 months, and would not have built up a 6000oz freezer stash, if it weren't for these flanges. I would have quit after a month. I tell every new mom I know about them. They are a total game-changer. The company also has excellent customer service. In the hierarchy of possessions I love the most, these flanges rank just slightly above my Kitchenaid mixer... 'nuff said!"-MMC Member Sarah

Best Breastfeeding Support Website or App: 

"The Exclusive Pumpers!" Babycenter group

"This is the nicest, most supportive group of women you will find on the internet. No exaggeration. They have such an extensive knowledge of pumping and what it takes to exclusively pump (or just pumping at all). They've got all the advice, all the tips, all the tricks. They're there with advice when you're battling clogs and middle of the night feedings. They're there for support when you don't think you can go on another day. They're there to cheer with you when you meet a milestone. I love these women and credit them with my success pumping for my baby."-MMC Member Sarah

"The exclusive pumpers!" A group on Babycenter. Not to be confused with the group that has the same name but no exclamation mark. This glorious group of women compiled tons of information and organized on the first page. From there on its a family of caring women who proudly share their information with everyone. I love the middle of the night check in. Everytime I have a hiccup in my pumping I check llli, kellymom, and always find the answer at bbc. I work a 24hr shift twice a week and could not successfully pumped in this scenario without my bbc group. They have been my life line and the first place I recommend a person go to find knowledge and support."-MMC Member Andrea Website


" I turn to their website nearly daily, and share it with everyone that I know.  They have everything from how to establish a healthy milk supply, tips on nursing and improving latch, pumping tips, understanding foremilk/hind milk imbalance, relactation, appropriate use of galactagogues, and weaning.  I couldn't have made my breastfeeding goals without this resource!"-MMC Member Cristina  

*Posting of these winners by MMC is not an endorsement or affiliation with any of the companies or products listed on this page.

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