The Mother's Milk Cooperative

Our team is comprised of members, volunteers and advisers who are leaders in the breastfeeding community who make sure we are in step with the governing bodies and thought leaders of maternal and child health.

Message From CEO:

Before all other things that I am, I am a mother first.

That is what makes me passionate about my work. After spending ten years working in milk banking and coming from a family that has been involved in breast pumps, milk analysis and milk banking for years (my mom is Elena Taggart Medo, CEO of Medolac Laboratories), I became determined and inspired to create change for a number of reasons. First, there is a critical shortage of donor milk, and literally babies are dying every day because of it. This MUST change. Next, many women are unaware of the very existence of milk donation. Until awareness is raised, babies will continue to go without. Last, until donor milk is as easy to use, accessible, and more affordable, health care providers will continue to look to formula as the most logical alternative to breast milk. Solving these problems is what drives me.

In my correspondence with many of you, I have shared that the two most important things to me are moms and babies. That is why we started Milk Money. I don't know one family that the decline of the economy has not hurt. In these times, we need to be resourceful in finding ways to help families survive and thrive. I have always been intrigued by stories about paid milk donation in Europe, and knew how much a program like that would have helped my own small family. Since the launch of Milk Money, I have heard from many donors that this program will have a tremendous impact on their families ranging from being able to afford a house payment that was previously just out of reach to allowing moms to stay home with their babies longer to being able to go back to college. This is extremely rewarding to hear, and the very reasons that we started the program.

I have been working alongside my mother, Elena Medo for many years now. She has spearheaded many efforts in the breastfeeding arena, and has made a difference in the lives of families around the world. The partnership that we have developed between The Mothers Milk Cooperative and, (my mother's company) Medolac Laboratories is a partnership for change. Across the country, Neonatal Intensive Care Units have embraced donor milk as a critical and sometimes life-saving intervention for premature infants - but there are constant shortages that prevent these fragile babies from receiving the donor milk they desperately need. Meanwhile, many nursing mothers across the country are unaware of this need for donated milk.

Together, we are improving access to donor milk by raising awareness to nursing mothers, reducing costs of donor milk and increasing the volume of donor milk that is available. Medolac Laboratories is an incredible resource for The Mothers Milk Coop, providing sophisticated testing and processing techniques that support our mission of unparalleled safety, quality, and access. None of this would be possible without our donors, and together - my family and yours - we will address these issues and make these changes a reality.

Many of you are aware of the burgeoning industry around human milk. Setting all politics aside, I believe that women should be the controlling force behind this industry. I believe that together, we can ensure that the best interest of mom and baby are not just recognized but central to the ethos of our cooperative and not just another line on a balance sheet. Together we can create a community of women whose hearts and minds will drive the decisions in milk banking and ultimately impact global health. Thank you for supporting the Mother's Milk Cooperative. Together we CAN make change. 



Meet the Mother's Milk Coop Team



Adrianne Weir, CEO




Janie Frincke, Medical Reviewer, RN, BS



Aimee Edgeworth, Social Media Manager and Donor Support

Partnering for Change

Access to breast milk can mean the difference between life and death for premature or critically-ill infants. Currently, when an infant has a need for donor breast milk, the stark reality their family must confront is that donor milk and human milk based fortifier are in short supply and are prohibitively expensive. The Mother's Milk Cooperative has partnered with organizations that are committed to addressing these issues. 

Medolac Laboratories

Premature infants have a need for concentrated nutrition beyond what is typically available in a mother's own breast milk. Often times, this need is met using a cow's milk based fortifier. Leading experts recommend an exclusively human milk based diet for these fragile infants. To make this possible, Medolac Laboratories offers human milk based nutritional products for hospitalized infants - a critical area of neonatal nutrition not currently being served well.

Applying a traditional producer-processor model, the MMC has partnered with Medolac Laboratories for advanced processing of Co-op Donor Milk. This partnership allows for a higher level of safety and quality,  and greater processing efficiency in exchange for a processing fee. The MMC is also a dedicated milk supplier for Medolac to address the unmet need for accessible and more affordable human milk based nutrition for the NICU.

The American Red Cross National Testing Laboratory

The American Red Cross provides all of the blood test screening for Mother's Milk Cooperative donor applicants to ensure the highest possible level of safety and quality of our milk donors.


LabCorp supports the Mothers Milk Cooperative by providing blood draws for our donor applicants at any of their locations nationwide.

Why are these partnerships important? 

Together, we are putting an end to the shortages, limited access, and prohibitive pricing that prevents sick babies from getting the donor milk they need. We will build a sustainable solution to address the stumbling blocks in milk banking for today and for future generations.