My husband and I have been together since junior high. First loves. And we have dreamed of having children ever since. We planned every step of the way through our journey that finally led to the birth of our beautiful baby boy Canon Christopher.

He is everything that we hoped for and more from the moment my husband pulled him out into this world, (yes, lol, he wanted to be able to do as much as possible since most men are left out) to every little giggle and grunt. He is the funniest little baby I have ever met and I’m not just saying that because he is mine. I've taken care of several babies from newborn to preschool age in the past. I have over 5 years experience as a preschool teacher. Still, I have never met a baby so precious and unique.

I knew instantly that I wanted to spend as much time as possible with him and so we decided that I would be a stay at home mom. I needed a way to continue to bring in a little income to make this possible. After researching, I came across MMC. What a blessing! Not just for me, but for the many babies around the world in need. After realizing not only can I provide for my baby, but I can also help other babies…I mean…it was just common sense from there.

My little one has an over supply that was getting out of control, lol, to the point we could not grocery shop for any frozen foods because his breast milk had taken over the freezer. I even had to store boxes of breastmilk at my in-laws deep freezer. So I immediately signed up and started donating breast milk.


I can’t thank MMC enough for what they do for babies and what they have done for my household. I continue to tell people about MMC because more women should breastfeed if they can. I mean, that’s what they are for! And for those who can’t, they have an opportunity with MMC to give their babies what they naturally crave.

I plan to continue breastfeeding as long as possible and we plan to have another baby soon so I will keep this going as long as I am able.

Special thanks to the little man in my life Canon. 10 months old now. And thanks to my loving and supportive husband Christopher. I love you guys so much!

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  • Novela Henderson
    commented 2014-10-02 17:30:16 -0700
    That was soo sweet. Love u sis! You’re next…haha
  • Chris E.
    commented 2014-10-02 16:01:22 -0700
    I literally have tears for this post. And I would like to say how joyous it is to have people like these two couples. This really sets the example for ones who too desire to help others when it comes to one day having a family of your own and what important steps to take. Thanks for the beautiful family picture and for your splendid time you all have put into helping families. Thank you and may Jehovah continue to bless your family!

    Sincerely, Chris E.